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I have a young daughter. Buying things for her is expensive, but I like to buy her the extra toy… or twelve.  I’m able to do that with my thrifty shopping.  One of my favorite websites to visit is Kids Warehouse.  They have SO MANY THINGS for kids, and they even have a pet category! And the best part… the AMAZING prices! I honestly can’t rave enough about the prices.

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 I have bought sheet sets, storage cubes, a toy chest, throw pillows, towels, games, toys, mattress protectors, pajamas, and a ton more from Kids Warehouse for next to nothing.  I’m actually shopping on the site while writing this post (need more $5.99 Glee sheets for the new Big Girl bed).

Being an elementary school teacher, I like to have a welcoming classroom for my kiddos.  I stocked up on these $1.99 throw pillows and put them in our Reading Center.  I wrapped the big cardboard box they came in (I ordered 10) with Frozen wrapping paper, and before you know it, a comfy (affordable) reading nook to foster my students’ love for reading.

If you know someone who’s having a baby, there are some great deals on brand name baby items, including Carter’s, Disney, Red Hens, Melissa & Doug, Fisher-Price, and many more. Here are a couple items I found on the Sale page.

They also have really pretty household items.

Here are a few of the things I’ve bought for kids’ Christmas/Birthday presents.

I was actually able to find a really cute Cami and Panty set for myself for an INSANE price!

You can totally find Secret Santa or White Elephant gifts here too.

As if I wasn’t going to buy their items anyways, they offer an incentive program called My Kids Rewards.  When you sign up for a Kids Warehouse account, you click on My Kids Rewards, join, and start earning points for every purchase.  You get 5 points per dollar spent, so they add up quickly.  You can redeem your points for $ off coupons for future orders.  They add new items all the time, so every time I shop, I continue to earn and redeem My Kids Rewards points.

Sign up now by clicking on any of my referral links in this post (or here ->) My Kids Warehouse Referral Link and get 100 points automatically for registering for My Kids Rewards.

And to save you even MORE money! Here are coupon codes you can use towards your first purchase: 

SAVE5 ($5 off of $50 or more order)

SAVE10 ($10 off of $100 or more order)

As always, Be Thrifty!


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