Saving Money on Teaching Supplies with


I just discovered this gem of a website, It’s basically a nonprofit shopping site that allows teachers to purchase items for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!

In order to purchase from NAEIR, you first need to fill out the Teacher Registration Form, and then wait for your member approval to the program, which during back-to-school season, usually takes at least a few weeks. Once you are approved, you can shop till you drop.

Every item is donated and is technically “sold” as free; buyers are just responsible for a nominal Handling Fee per item, and then a Processing Fee based on the total amount spent.

For example, I was looking for markers and this was one of the listings that came up:

You would pay $1.50 for 20 dark pink markers.

To place an order, you have to have a minimum Handling Fee amount of $25 (it will not be hard to find $25 worth of items; there are 1,000’s of items). The processing fee is then calculated based on how much you are spending in Handling Fees.

Here is the chart for Processing Fees:

I haven’t placed an order yet, as I just filled out a registration form a week ago, so I don’t know exactly how long shipping takes, but once I get accepted and make a purchase, I will update you with new information I learn about

If you are a teacher, sign up FOR FREE to be a member at —>

Anyone who happens to already be a member of, please leave a comment and tell us your experience with the nonprofit.

Be Thrifty My Fellow Teachers!